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BroccoliSharp BroccoliSharp Namespace
Contains fundamental classes for interaction with the Broccoli API from within a .NET environment.
  Class Description
Public class BroConfiguration
Defines configuration file access functions for Broccoli.
Public class Code example BroConnection
Represents a Bro connection. PCAP functionality is enabled for this build.
Public class Code example BroEvent
Represents a Bro event implemented as an IEnumerable<BroValue>.
Public class BroEventArgs
Represents the EventArgs for received Bro events.
Public class BroEventQueue
Represents functions related to the event queue for a BroConnection.
Public class BroField
Represents a BroValue with a field name as a column in a BroRecord. Implicitly castable to all BroType wrapper classes, structures and applicable .NET data types.
Public class BroPacket
Represents a Bro packet used for working with libpcap packets.
Public class Code example BroRecord
Represents a Bro record implemented as an IList<BroField>.
Public class BroSet
Represents a Bro set implemented as an ISet<BroValue>.
Public class BroString
Represents an immutable Bro string. Implicitly castable as a String.
Public class BroTable
Represents a Bro table implemented as an IDictionary<BroValue, BroValue>.
Public class BroTypeExtensions
Defines extension functions for the BroType enumeration.
Public class BroValue
Represents a Bro value. Implicitly castable to all BroType wrapper classes, structures and applicable .NET data types.
Public class BroValueExtensions
Defines extension functions for the BroValue interface.
Public class BroVector
Represents a Bro vector implemented as an IList<BroValue>.
  Structure Description
Public structure BroAddress
Represents an immutable Bro IP address. Implicitly castable as an IPAddress.
Public structure BroPort
Represents an immutable Bro port and protocol type.
Public structure BroSubnet
Represents an immutable Bro subnet.
Public structure BroTime
Represents an immutable Bro time value. Implicitly castable as a Double and a DateTime.
  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration BroConnectionFlags
Bro connection flags enumeration.
Public enumeration BroType
Bro value type enumeration.