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BroccoliSharp BroType Enumeration
Bro value type enumeration.

Namespace: BroccoliSharp
Assembly: BroccoliSharp (in BroccoliSharp.dll) Version: 1.0.5434.15853
public enum BroType
  Member nameValueDescription
Unknown0 Unknown type. BRO_TYPE_UNKNOWN
Bool1 Boolean type, Int32 value-type. BRO_TYPE_BOOL
Int2 Integer type, UInt64 value-type. BRO_TYPE_INT
Count3 Count type, UInt64 value-type. BRO_TYPE_COUNT
Counter4 Counter type, UInt64 value-type. BRO_TYPE_COUNTER
Double5 Double type, Double value-type. BRO_TYPE_DOUBLE
Time6 Time type, BroTime value-type. BRO_TYPE_TIME
Interval7 Interval type, Double value-type. BRO_TYPE_INTERVAL
String8 String type, BroString reference-type. BRO_TYPE_STRING
Pattern9 Patten type (currently unsupported in Bro). BRO_TYPE_PATTERN
Enum10 Enumeration type, UInt64 value-type. BRO_TYPE_ENUM
Timer11 Timer type (currently unsupported in Bro). BRO_TYPE_TIMER
Port12 Port type, BroPort value-type. BRO_TYPE_PORT
IpAddr13 IP address type, BroAddress value-type. BRO_TYPE_IPADDR
Subnet14 Subnet type, BroSubnet value-type. BRO_TYPE_SUBNET
Any15 Any type (currently unsupported in Bro). BRO_TYPE_ANY
Table16 Table type, BroTable reference-type. BRO_TYPE_TABLE
Union17 Union type (current unsupported in Bro). BRO_TYPE_UNION
Record18 Record type, BroRecord reference-type. BRO_TYPE_RECORD
List19 List type (used to represent BroRecord based composite BroTable key). BRO_TYPE_LIST
Func20 Function type (currently unsupported in Bro). BRO_TYPE_FUNC
File21 File type (currently unsupported in Bro). BRO_TYPE_FILE
Vector22 Vector type, BroVector reference-type. BRO_TYPE_VECTOR
Error23 Error type (currently unsupported in Bro). BRO_TYPE_ERROR
Packet24 Packet type, BroPacket reference-type. BRO_TYPE_PACKET
Set25 Set type, BroSet reference-type. BRO_TYPE_SET
See Macros in broccoli.h file.
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